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AST SpaceMobile is a building a SpaceMobile satellite constellation, compatible with existing (and unmodified) smartphones to connect to its satellites.
Procure Space ETF, a mix of aerospace and space stocks.
Planet is a specialist in Earth Observation data for a wide array of industries.
Spire Global is a space stock, their service is space-based data and analytics.
Safran, a partner in the Ariane Group, also a player in international aviation, space, and defence technology.
Redwire Space Shares give investors exposure to its space infrastructure innovations and mission success.
Once a high-flying Space SPAC, now a normal Space Stock, Momentus’s offer is space transportation for infrastructure.
OHB SE is an established European space company, recently invest in by KKR the private equity company.
Blacksky Technology provides real-time geospatial intelligence, earth observation images, plus affiliated analytical services.
Lockheed Martin is an undisputed big dog of the space stocks, they have a massive aerospace business and a space technology division.