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Lockheed Martin is a prominent aerospace and defense company, well known for its space exploration and technology. It was established in the late 1950s, developed projects like the X-17 research rocket and the X-7 for testing ramjet engines, plus missile guidance technology. The only way is up! This division evolved into Lockheed Missiles and Space Division.
The space division was instrumental in developing the Agena spacecraft, the world’s first multipurpose spacecraft, which contributed to many missions, not least the nation’s first photo reconnaissance satellite system, Corona.
Lockheed’s space exploration activities include the Titan family of rockets, vital for various NASA missions like the Gemini program, the Viking missions to Mars, Voyager to the end of the Solar System and probably running still, and Cassini-Huygens to Saturn. These rockets are a cornerstone in U.S. space exploration history.
Lockheed Martin is a big dog in space exploration yard. It was chosen by NASA as the prime contractor for the Orion spacecraft; this being a vital part in future manned missions to the Moon and Mars. Their products range from Earth observation to lunar and planetary exploration systems, and include human spaceflight systems.
Their customers are diverse; NASA, NOAA, space agencies, and military agencies like the deflating global cops the USAF and US Navy.