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Planet's products on multiple devices. Source: Planet.com
An example of Planet's infrastructure earth observation capabilities. Source: Planet.com

Planet has scaled up earth observation via its utilization of satellite data for a wide array of industries. Their default standard operations are to image all of Earth’s landmass daily, to highlight global change, and have this data as accessible and actionable products. They have positioned themselves as a market leader, and have become a stable investment in the sector of earth observation stocks.
Planet’s range of products and services is tooled for high-frequency satellite data and downstream analytics, including Planet Monitoring, Planet Tasking, Planet Basemaps, Planetary Variables, Planet Hyperspectral, Planet Analytic Feeds, and using their Planet Platform. These solutions are directed to serve their industries such as agriculture, defence, intelligence, drought management, education and research, energy, infrastructure, forestry, land use, civil government, finance, insurance, mapping, maritime, sustainability, and emergency management.
Their bandwidth of data acquisition is direct from their 200 plus satellites, including satellites such as PlanetScope (3.7-meter resolution), RapidEye (5-meter resolution), and the SkySat (a 50-centimeter resolution – right on target for knowing what you neighbours are up to). These satellites have a various coverage, frequency, and resolution.
This is how Planet is constantly delivering geospatial insights at a remarkable speed, and can acquire customers and keep them always informed.