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LunA-10 illustration from RedWire
RedWire L-Band Helical Antenna technology in action.

Redwire Space has entrenched itself in the expanding sector of space infrastructure, leveraging its heritage in space innovation and mission success. They zero in on delivering and developing reliable, economical, and sustainable space infrastructure.
The Red ire product range is focused on space infrastructure solutions and systems, including solar arrays, deployable structures, GN&C components, avionics, RF systems, satellite payloads, digital engineering, modelling and simulation services, launch, and niche engineering services.
Their target customers include the civilian, commercial, and national security space sectors.
Missions of Interest
Redwire has been chosen by DARPA to participate in the LunA-10 study: The goal is developing a commercial ecosystem on and around the Moon, leveraging its heritage and expertise in Cislunar architecture and technology. The company will provide critical services such as high-speed communications and Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) from Cislunar space, based on its experience in space mission design, RF systems, and space structures.
They have also successfully demonstrated the transmission of a Link 16 signal from space using its L-Band Helical Antenna technology, thus enhancing tactical communication capabilities for military assets. This is part of a project for a not-to-be-mention national security customer, and highlights Redwire’s expertise in antenna and RF systems development. Future deliveries plan to support beyond line-of-sight communications in military tactical networks.