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In illustration of Momentus Vigoride.
Preparation for Vigoride-3, launched 2022 on SpaceX Transporter-5 Mission.

Momentus’s goal is to be a space transportation and infrastructure service. Their main spacecraft is Vigoride, an in-space transfer and service vehicle that will be powered by a water plasma-based propulsion system.
Momentus space was a 2018 graduate of the Y Combinator program, it received $8.3 million of seed funding and then in 2019 claimed its Microwave Electrothermal Thruster (MET) was successfully tested in space; this claim was later refuted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Come 2020 Momentus merged with a SPAC and was then valued it at $1.2 billion and like many a space SPAC flush with cash its valuation sailed high like a kite and then dropped like a stone.
It’s first demonstration was Vigoride-3, launched 2022 on SpaceX Transporter-5 Mission. Results and criticism are mixed.