A research platform for investing in space: Space Stocks of all sizes, Space Funds and ETFs, pre-IPOs, private companies, Crowd-Funding, NFTs, and more.

Here’s their description: “The Procure Space ETF seeks (vague, yes, but their wording) investment results that correspond generally to the performance, before the fees and dubious expenses, of an equity index called the “S-Network Space Index” developed by S-Network Global Indexes (the “Index Provider”)”.
Now down to the reality: The Procure Space ETF (Ticker UFO) is one of many space-themed ETFs. Take it as a Space Fund riding on the allure of space investing but built on the tried and tested fund structure. It was launched in 2019 and invests in companies that derive at least half of their revenue or profits from space-related businesses. Naturally, this is a slack way to invest in the space sector, but it is better than not having a hedge.
To date their fee is 0.75%.
Go check out their Fact Sheet, and you’ll see their ~30 investments are the usual suspects of aerospace stocks and new space companies. No surprise, but then again, a Space Fund has to be devoid of critical failures.