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We keep our fingers firmly on the accelerating pulse of Space Investing, so we’ve made this website as a general research platform for amateur, avid and speculator space investors. Welcome!

However, in this niche research, we’re not alone: Some of the big players in finance and management are edging their C-suite executive seats closer to the Main Street table to feast on space investors, yes like you, to allocate your hard-earned capital to their mastermind schemes; usually some managed structure where they get paid to play big shot investor and you wait lovingly for dividends and winnings. In the name of fair play, transparency and the modern habit of citing endless research of others to add credibility to one’s own claim, here’s a quick list of what they’re saying:

First up is Morgan Stanley with their creatively titled Space: Investing in the Final Frontier. One nice quote is “The revenue generated by the global space industry may increase to more than $1 trillion by 2040.”

Then comes PWC, with their “Expanding frontiers: The down to earth guide to investing in space”. If ChatGPT didn’t write it, it should have. Key points: Somewhat more spicy a title, a bit more pedestrian, and UK focussed on facts and figures.

Not wanting to miss out, is McKinsey and Company and their “A different space race: Raising capital and accelerating growth”. And growth they do highlight: “Over the past decade, the space sector has experienced massive growth in investment activity. Between 2012 and 2021, total annual investment grew to more than $10 billion, from $300 million.”

Motley Fool takes a more pro-stocks approach with their freshly minted article “5 Space Stocks to Watch”, which then lists Lockheed Martin (largest defence company in the world that has a substantial space business, including launch and satellite manufacturing capabilities), Virgin Galactic Holdings (high-profile space tourism company, preaching every year to be shuttling people to the outer reaches of Earth’s orbit by year’s end), Rocket Lab (new kid on the Launch Block), Aerojet Rocketdyne (A big supplier of rocket engines) and Leidos Holdings (once of those massive, and hence massive government services provider, that just so happens to be rapidly expanding its space business – (which is not a convincing way to be on a space stock list)).

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