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Space IPOs

All good space stocks start as Space IPOs.The growing space industry is a new frontier for investors, and an aptly termed space IPO is the beginning of that journey.First a primer. An IPO is an Initial Public Offering to the both large investors and retail investors. An IPO is the process through which a private […]

Choosing Space Funds

How do you compare space funds? Do you look over the funds landscape and apply their templates to space, but how to differentiate between Space Mutual Funds, Space Index Funds, Space VC funds, and is there really a Space Exploration Fund? What are they offering? What do you want? There are a few answers but […]

Investing in Space Goes Mainstream!

We keep our fingers firmly on the accelerating pulse of Space Investing, so we’ve made this website as a general research platform for amateur, avid and speculator space investors. Welcome! However, in this niche research, we’re not alone: Some of the big players in finance and management are edging their C-suite executive seats closer to […]