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SVI is developing the European Light Lunar Lander.
Strategic Space Value Chain
SVI has published an online map of Space Ports.

Space Ventures Investors Ltd has carved a niche as a diversified early-stage space investor, offering a one-stop shop for exposure to the industry’s burgeoning technology across Europe and the US, while catering to both sophisticated and retail investors through a shareholder-driven approach.

Space Ventures Investors Ltd. (SVI) has positioned itself as a one-stop shop for investors seeking exposure to emerging technology in the burgeoning space industry. Founded in 2014, SVI has built a portfolio of early-stage space ventures across various subsectors and has expertise in deal selection and portfolio management.

SVI has often been the first anchor investor for early-stage space start-ups. SVI has a diversified portfolio approach, first honing its skills investing pre-seed (including building a diverse portfolio of Earth Observation Start-ups), participating in equity crowd-funding capital raising, buying and selling space stocks and equities, and even pre-IPO (Initial Public Offering) opportunities. Their focus appears to be on early-stage ventures, particularly in Europe and the US. This includes Earth observation startups (including two exits), launch companies, lunar resource exploration (space mining), and space infrastructure projects.
SVI highlights its “Strategic Space Value Chain” framework, a proprietary research tool for mapping and monitoring the growth of various space verticals.

A key differentiator for SVI is its shareholder-driven structure. Unlike investment funds, SVI operates with its co-founders at the helm and offers its shareholders direct contact with management.

SVI caters to a broad spectrum of investors interested in space exploration. Investor profiles are:

  • Sophisticated Investors: Those with experience in venture capital and the space industry.
  • Retail Investors: Generalists and experienced investors who want to invest in innovative space companies.

SVI presents a unique proposition for investors seeking exposure to the space sector. Their focus in on early-stage ventures and building long lasting relationships with their shareholders. SVI is scheduled to issues a dividend to shareholders for 2024 following two successful exits.