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Source: Sierra Space
Source: Sierra Space

Sierra Space was established in 2021 as an independent entity from Sierra Nevada Corporation and steadfastly continues as a leader in the commercial space sector. Sierra Space is best known for its Dream Chaser spaceplane, although a long time in development, it has been selected by NASA for International Space Station resupply missions. Sierra Space also gathered attention for its collaboration with Blue Origin in developing the Orbital Reef: A commercially owned and operated space station, touted as a mixed-use business park in low Earth orbit, planned to be operational 2027.
Sierra Space has made developments with the LIFE (Large Integrated Flexible Environment) habitat, basically an inflatable space station. LIFE underwent a successful full-scale structural test, exceeding NASA’s safety guidelines, showcasing its commercial microgravity research and production facilities in space. LIFE habitat and the Dream Chaser spaceplane are central to Sierra Space’s vision for the future of low Earth orbit commercialization. Three launches of three LIFE units are capable of creating a space environment larger than the International Space Station.
Sierra Space IPO
From Bloomberg’s release that “Sierra Space Hastens IPO Groundwork Ahead of Spaceplane Debut” and key points like Sierra’s valuation over $5 billion after Sept. fundraising, you can peer back and see this is no surprise. Sierra Space has contacts and relationships with all the US-centric space names (NASA, Blue Origin) and now a long-awaited roll-out of technology, with even claims of it being space unicorn (from the mouth of the Motely Fool). So does Sierra Space IPO or remain private? Time will tell, but you can be assured to fund their ambitious plans they will need funding from the public markets.

Sierra Space going public is drumming up interest…

Bloomberge: Sierra Space Hastens IPO Groundwork Ahead of Spaceplane Debut

Successful flight, market support key to offering, CEO says. Sierra’s valuation over $5 billion after Sept. fundraising.

Motley Fool: SpaceX Isn’t the Only Unicorn Stock in Space

Having recently raised $290 million in new funding, Sierra Space has officially become a $5 billion space unicorn company.