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Seraphim Space Investment Trust plc
Seraphim listing on the London Stoctk Exchanbge. Source: Seraphim website.
UK funding for space technologies. Source: Seraphim website.

Seraphim is known in the UK and the Rest of the World as simply Seraphim.
Due to regulation, in the USA they are Generation Space.
Their listed entity is Seraphim Space Investment Trust plc.
Seraphim was one of the first and prolific space funds to prosper in the good times and survive so far the bad times; recessions, bursting of the tech-bubble, general cyclical mayhem that is perfectly predictable for space VC funds.
Seraphim Space Investment Trust plc is an investment firm capitalizing on the growing opportunities within the space industry. It was founded in 2016 as Seraphim Capital, and now operates as the world’s first publicly listed investment fund dedicated to investing in early-stage space technology companies. They have emerged as a key player in facilitating the growth of the global space economy.
Their Strategy
The Seraphim Space Investment Trust plc strategic approach is targeting companies that develop and deploy technologies integral to the advancement of the space industry; satellite communications, Earth observation, and investing in space exploration. They identify promising startups and supply necessary capital and resources, such as their accelerator. Seraphim uses its expertise and network to generate returns for its investors.
Their Winners
Seraphim’s portfolio comprises of well known space companies such as Iceye, a provider of synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) satellite imagery for various applications including maritime surveillance and disaster monitoring, and Spire Global, another space stock, a data analytics company that leverages nanosatellite technology for weather forecasting and maritime tracking. The Seraphim portfolio is impressive and the most active in powering innovation.