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OHB Mission, Exomars, Credits ESA, David-Ducros
OHB developed Galileo navigation and positioning satellites.
OHB’s Rocket Factory Augsburg- ARGO, Cost-effective cargo capsule

OHB SE is based in Bremen, Germany. It is an established European space and technology group, founded in 1981, it first developed electrical and hydraulic ship systems for the German Federal Armed Forces. The company transitioned into the space industry, its growth story was an expansion into the development of smaller, cost-effective satellites. A milestone was BremSat, one of the first German small satellites launched in 1994.
In 2010 OHB was awarded an exemplary contract to build satellites for the Galileo navigation system. This major milestone was followed by contributing to significant projects like the H36W-1 communications satellite and the Meteosat weather satellites
OHB’s business segments are varied.
The Space Systems segment focuses on the development and production of satellites and related technology for various applications; from navigation, science, communications, out to, or down to, Earth observation. They also develop space-technology for solar system exploration and support astronautical missions like the ISS and the future lunar station Gateway.
The Aerospace segment develops launch vehicles and satellites. OHB is a major contributor to the supply-chain that develops the Ariane program, and has also been involved in NASA’s Space Launch System.
OHB’s Digital segment includes the vital services and solutions critical to space systems; satellite operations, ground systems, and the development of software products for space-based data utilization.
OHB has been busy over the decades building an impressive portfolio of Missions participation, including Small GEO satellites, BREMSAT, SAR-Lupe reconnaissance satellite system, microgravity facilities on the ISS, collaborations in the construction of the NEOSTEL telescope, development of small-satellite launchers through its subsidiary Rocket Factory Augsburg AG. Recently in 2019, a part of Galileo (European rival to GPS), a subsidiary of OHB signed a contract to build the support structure of the Giant Magellan Telescope.