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IM-1 Nova-C Mission Render by Official Intuitive Machines Photos
IM-2 μNova (Micro Nova) Render by Official Intuitive Machines Photos
Lunar Outpost's MAPP rover is flying on Intuitive Machines' IM-2 mission to the lunar south pole.

Intuitive Machines, Inc. was founded in 2013 and is based in Houston, Texas, USA. It is completing an ambitious lunar program to provide lunar surface access, lunar orbit delivery, and CisLunar communication.
Their business plan backed up by public and commercial funding is quite prolific and technologically advanced. By developing Landers, some which are capable of delivering Rovers of various sizes designed for exploration, Intuitive Machines is leading the way in building the CisLunar infrastructure to supplement lunar exploration.
A investment in Intuitive Machines shares is a grass-roots chance to be part of space exploration, but investors also need to understand the volatility of such a company.

Update for February 2023_ Intuitive Machines Nova-C Odysseus Landed (on it’s side) and is no longer Operational
February 22nd, 2024: Intuitive Machines Nova-C “Odysseus” was the first privately developed spacecraft to land on the moon, and the first US spacecraft to do so in 52 years. It landed 1.5km from it’s target Malapert A in the South Pole region. It landed on it’s side.
February 27th, 2024: The Intuitive Machines Nova-C Mission may end earlier than expected due to an imperfect landing.
Impact on Stock Price: As you can see from the Intuitive Machines Share Price, it rallied pre-mission, and as news of the failed landing spread, the share price has retreated, although not to previous lows.