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Source: Astroscale
Source: Astroscale
Source: Astroscale

Astroscale specialize in on-orbit servicing across various orbits close to Earth, their services include space debris removal; end-of-life solutions for defunct satellites, active debris removal, life extension for geostationary satellites, and space situational awareness.
Their high-profile missions include debris inspection and the ADRAS-J project.
Astroscale aims to deploy a sustainable infrastructure in space to support the growing space economy, underlining the need for maintaining orbital highways to safeguard future satellite operations.

New about the Astroscale IPO comes from Reuters: Japan space startup Astroscale aims for June listing.

Astroscale’s main missions developing space sustainability. They include:

  1. ADRAS-J (Active Debris Removal by Astroscale-Japan): To demonstrate and validate technologies necessary for active debris removal.
  2. COSMIC (Commercial Removal of Debris Mission): Commercial debris removal operations, via scalable services for debris mitigation.
  3. ELSA-d (End-of-Life Services by Astroscale-demonstration): A technology demonstration for end-of-life services; a servicer satellite will demonstrate capturing and deorbiting a client’s satellite, safely.
  4. Lunar Dream Capsule Project: A time capsule on the Moon, in partnership with ispace, containing a variety of messages and dreams from people around the world.