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Airbus technology is used in two commercial spacecraft to land on the Moon, Peregrine and Griffin.
Airbus has developed and built the Orion European Service Module.
Airbus has developed and built JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer) spacecraft for the European Space Agency. Destination and objective is to study Jupiter and its icy moons.

Airbus SE is a global aerospace company based in Leiden, Netherlands. Although their primary business is the innovation, design and manufacturing of commercial aircraft for international customer, they have separate commercial defence, helicopter and space divisions.
They are not a what we would classify as a pure-space investment, however they have developed the technology for many space missions.
Their Space Division covers the following areas:
Earth observation: Innovative satellites to monitor land, sea and the atmosphere.
Telecom: Reliable high-performance relay satellites.
Navigation: Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions for all applications
In Space infrastructure: Technology for human spaceflight, exploration and experimentation.
On-ground-infrastructures: Space technology on the ground aiding assets in orbit and beyond.
Exploration: They develop spacecraft and instruments that continue to unlock the secrets of the universe.